Monday, October 27, 2014

Life Lately #3

Oh, what's this?! A post?! On my blog?! NO WAY, your eyes are definitely not deceiving you! This is definitely a new post.

I cannot believe it has been 3 months since I last posted! I am incredibly sorry and highly ashamed of myself. What went from not posting for 1 week to 3 months is so so bad! But I am back now you guys! I miss blogging so much and reading all of your blogs (which I haven't done in a while either PLEASE forgive me!! *hides behinds hands*). Plus, I feel like I disappear around the same time each year (I can recall writing a similar post circa 2013) and come back with the same sorry excuses. So this is really horrible of me to keep disappearing but I promise I am back for good (if not a long while), this time round!

But I thought what better way to get back into the swing of things than to update you with a little life lately post (which hasn't been updated since March - quite pathetic if you ask me). The main reason for my extended absence is that real life got a bit too 'real' and hella busy, which I am sure you can all understand, right? It just so happens that (sadly) I'm probably not as good as all you guys are with time management thing and updating my blog seemed more of a task than something I enjoyed doing. So I stopped. I did achieve a few things in my mini hiatus though.

I FINALLY got my license!! If you know me in real life you will understand how much of an achievement this was for me. I'm 21 and in Sydney you get your learners permit at 16, so that's about 5 years of me trying to learn how to drive and failing. I've always hated driving, but I finally bit my tongue and did it! I got my license and bought myself a lovely new car (in red, because you know red cars are faster... ahaha).
I also started up a new internship in August and probably the main reason for disappearance. Juggling real work and an internship, plus real life got a bit too much for me. I intern at a cosmetics brand 2 days a week and manage their social media and blogger relationships - which I love because I still got to hang out in beauty blogger land, just on the other side of things.
I also started taking up German classes once a week. Completely random I know but I've always wanted to learn the language after traveling there when I was a teen and I already know basic French so I thought why not learn some German! If you can speak German feel free to test my skills and comment below - it would be good to see how good (read: bad) I actually am.

AND if you're interested, I am also now a contributor on the brand spanking new More Than Adored site which is managed by the ever lovely Sarah. So if you ever get the time go check it out (but you probably do already, because let's be real her blog is ah-mazing!!) I have some of my own posts in the works so I will keep you informed if one does go up!!

So that's my last 3 months in a nutshell! What have you guys been up to!? Let me know, because I miss you all so very much!

Chantalle x

Monday, August 4, 2014

My Winter Beauty Survival Kit

Some might think that switching up your skincare and make-up as the seasons change is something that is quite cliche, silly, ridiculous or unneeded (*cough my family cough*) but for me it is such a necessity (like, come on!) While my skin will sadly be forever oily, it does get really darn dehydrated in winter. Plus, who can say no to rocking a berry lip daily? So today I've decided to share what products have been my saviours this winter and have given the highly coveted status as being part of my Winter Beauty Survival Kit (capitalisation necessary).

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Product Round Up | Dry Shampoo

I still remember the very first day I tried dry shampoo and let's just say it didn't end quite as I planned. I know I can't be the only one who bought dry shampoo, tried it and was left completely baffled (or it could just be me, you never know ...) Not only was I completely mind blown on how to use it properly, I had no idea which to choose. Most of the time I ended up with white roots, hair that was still oily after application or that hair that felt seriously disgusting and possibly worse than what I started with. I was convinced that dry shampoo was some evil beauty hoax, created only to make me believe there was hope for my gross second day hair. But since then, I've learned the (vital) importance of shaking the can well, spraying at least 30cm away from roots and hair parts to maintain my normal hair colour (bye white hair!) and rubbing it in gently. With all that tried and tested knowledge under my belt I have created a selection of my trusty favourites, and others that aren't so suited to the dry shampoo game and I will gladly never buy again.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask | Review

I've promised you guys a review on this mask for quite some time and I'm FINALLY getting around to delivering the goods. I use detoxing masks that target congestion quite often because of my oily/blemish prone skin. I also wear make-up on a pretty regular basis too and I can only imagine what that combination does to my pores! I try to use a detoxing mask at least once a week, sometimes that extends to two depending on how much make-up I have been wearing and how congested my skin is/feels (that time of the month is particularly bad). I also mix up a few brightening and hydrating masks in there too so my face isn't too stripped and dry.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Currently Loving #3 | June Favourites

A little bit late to the favourites posting game but I guess I just didn't want to actually accept the fact that it's July already! I don't want to be that person but holy crap how is it even July and where is the year even going! I don't want to think about it too much but you guys, HOW!? Moving forward, I personally love June, it's the start of Winter for us Aussies which translates to fluffy blankets and ugly bed socks- my fave. June was also a pretty great month all and all, I finally graduated from my first university degree! I say first because at the moment heaven knows what I am doing with my life and there might be a second degree in the future (but hopefully not a third...) It was a pretty great evening but now sh*t is finally getting real and I need to start doing something meaningful with my life! Eugh, but enough of that existential stuff and on to what products I was loving in June!

Like I said, June means Winter which also means gross Winter skin, which then also means me stepping up my hydration game, big time. My skin like I mentioned in my Skin Story post, is a pesky little thing and pretty much anything if I am not careful will cause my skin to breakout. So you know you've got a good thing going when this doesn't happen. At the moment my skin is getting along with the Aesop Mandarin Hydrating Facial cream, which I apply generously before bed. It's fairly thick but it is absorbed really quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy just well moisturised. I love apply facial creams like this Winter because my skin gets quite dehydrated after dealing with heaters and wind all day long. While my skin is quite oily it's also quite dehydrated and this really starts to show unless I keep it well moisturised.

Some more products I loved during June to keep my skin hydrated and healthy was Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion* and Neutrogena Hand Cream.* I'm not a big fan of using heavily scented lotion and hand cream during the day (I save that for night time) and these two have been great for that. They are fragrance free and keep my hands and the rest of my body well moisturised and soft. The Aveeno lotion has been clearing up some dry patches on my chest as my skin in that area can get quite itchy. The hand cream is kinda gel like in appearance but is absorbed quickly allowing me to get on with the rest of my day.

For my lips I have been reaching for Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. I won't say too much because I have a post coming up soon about it but it is worth every cent and every piece of hype it receives. I love using this just before I go to bed.

In terms of makeup I've really been loving a light and glowing base. My two favourites to achieve this is the Revlon Photoready Skinlights in 100 Bare Light and the Revlon Photoready BB cream in Medium. These two in combination are a great team and give me the look of fresh illuminated skin but with a medium amount of coverage. I've also been pairing this with The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer illuminater and YSL Touche Eclat in the shade number 2. Some people in the blogging community aren't too fond of Touche Eclat but I personally love it and feel that it does wonders for my dark under-eye circles. For a bit of colour I've been using a MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul, which I mentioned in my MAC Haulin' post. It's a great blush that I've come to love that gives a very natural flush of colour.

Lastly, for days where I couldn't be bothered blow drying or straightening my hair I just spritz some Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray into it and scrunch it up a bit and get lovely loose wavy hair in no time.

So that's it for my June Favorites, I guess I'll be writing about my July favorites real soon!? What have you been loving in June?

Chantalle x

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Guest Post | How to Balance your Make-Up with your Hair

Chantalle's Note: Hey guys, so I thought I would do something a little different around here by having a guest post. This post is written by Abby from My Hair Care. I've never really posted much about hair care on my blog and I thought what better way to start doing that than by having a guest post from a gal who truly knows her stuff! Read on to find out more and go check out her blog while you're at it!

Makeup is a cosmetic tool designed to enhance a woman’s facial features. The key to looking good with makeup is, therefore, choosing the right makeup to complement your natural features. If you can master that, you can effectively conceal imperfections while showcasing your best assets. One of the most neglected aspects of wearing makeup is building harmony with your hair. Most women focus solely on the skin tone. However, being able to strike a balance with your natural hair colour and makeup will help you achieve a look that stands out in the crowd. To make your life easy, you can follow this easy guide to finding the right makeup according to your hair type or colour:

Black Hair

Women with dark hair often have dark eyes. Hence, it makes any shade work with this kind of look and women with this hair colour can pull it off just fine. You can therefore play with darker shades and lighter shades depending on your mood. The best look to flatter your dark hair, though, consists of sheer plum pigments. Invest in makeup products that are of jewel tones and opaque plums. A sexy smokey eye will give more attention to your beautiful dark eyes. But you can also sport bold colours on your lip, such as red or deep plum.


There are several shades of brunette so you need to identify your specific hair colour in order to achieve harmony with your makeup choice. For women with dark brown shades, pick makeup that will bring forth radiance to your skin and hair. Choose a bronzer with hints of pink or peach to give a nice glow to your skin. To be on the safe side, go for neutral or nude shades. But if you are going for an edgy, bold look, play up with darker hues like purple or blue as well.

Red Hair

Warm neutral tones like peach and copper are very flattering for women with red hair. If you want to go for bold makeup, though, you want to keep that on the eyes and opt for something neutral for the lips (or at least something light). There is no need to match your eye shadow palette with your hair colour, though. You can mix two to three shades for your eye shadow. In fact, you can opt for a contrasting shade to make your eyes pop even more.

Blonde Hair

The most basic rule for blonde haired women to live by when finding the right makeup is to avoid matte nudes. This type of makeup shade can create a washed out effect to your look, which is not flattering on your light skin and hair tone. Instead, go for something that will make your hair and skin colour pop, such as sheer berry cheeks and lips. A good bronzing product can also help to infuse more colour into your face. For your eye makeup, choose an ivory, taupe, blue or grey coloured palette.

Have you given consideration into your hair when choosing what makeup to wear?  

About the Author:
Abby is a writer and social media marketing manager for My Hair Care. If you want to get an additional resource for hair styling, hair and beauty information, visit their blog at

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New In | EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balms in Sweet Mint, Summer Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, and Honeysuckle Honeydew

I first saw these weird looking balls on Kim Kardashian's Instagram a while back (not gonna lie I have little obsession with Kimmy K) and to say I was intrigued was an understatement. Like many other beauty bloggers I have a slight (read: major) problem with lip balm. I  have 1 if not 3 just about everywhere scattered amongst my room and handbags. At the moment I have about 4 lip balms on my bedside table, 5 in my work bag and 3 in my weekend bag, and god only knows how many in my make-up drawer. So when I finally realised that these were actually lip balms, lets just say it was my mission to get these in my possession on the ASAP. 

But like many great and wonderful things that exist in beauty land, they were not readily available in Australia (what's new right?). Well, that was all until my latest visit to Costco. If you live in Australia and you live near one of these and haven't been to one you are seriously depriving yourself, like seriously. Woolworths and Coles have nothing on this place! Anyway, I saw a 4 pack of these cute little balms in the toiletries isles for I think about $15 and of course I had to purchase them. As far as I know and feel free to correct me if I am wrong, this is the only store that I know of that stocks EOS products. 

EOS (or Evolution of Smooth) claim that these are the lip balms that make you smile, which I guess is kinda true due to the way you have to apply it. At first I found it a bit awkward but the best way to apply these is to smile and run them across your lips or else you look like you're going to eat them if you try them any other way (well I did anyway). EOS also claim that the lip balms are 100% natural and packed with shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil leaving lips super soft and sensationally smooth. These are great for chapped and dry lips, especially for us Aussie girls going into Winter.

I love these balms because they are quite fun to use and are super cute to whip out of your hand bag and apply while on the go. My only problem is that they taste quite nice and I find myself licking them off before they can really do anything with my lips. Other than that, they are a nice addition to my collection but I don't find them to be particularly amazing at moisturising my lips and I have other balms that do the job much better. 

Have you tried EOS lip balms? 

Chantalle x

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Skin Story

Hey guys, I know I haven't posted in a couple of few weeks and I guess you can say I was a little bit reluctant. I've been planing to do this post for quite some time now and I have even had my photos set and all ready to go but I just couldn't bring myself to write it, but at the same time I didn't want to post anything else instead. You see, this post is slightly different. It doesn't really mention any beauty products and it isn't a review nor is it a wishlist. This post for me is very personal as it is about something that I've never really talked about with people, except those select few I am really close with. I guess you could say I was hesitant to share it with you all not because I am embarrassed but because I don't really talk about it in general. It's one of those things that I used to get quite snappy about if my mum or another family mentioned it and is still of some concern to me (though definitely not on such a large scale). If you haven't already guessed I am talking about my skin.

As I have briefly mentioned in some of my other blog posts I've been preparing a few posts regarding skin care but I didn't feel right posting anything as of yet until I fully explained my skin situation. As we all know everyone's skin is different and what might work for me might not work for you, and vice versa something that works for you most definitely might not work for me. My skin is a pesky and picky little thing sometimes. I've also mentioned my skin type on the odd occasion. At the moment I can say that my skin is oily, congested and blemish prone. Though it used to be so much worse (ask anyone that knows me personally and they will agree). So strap in ladies and gents, I'm not going to say it was gory but it definitely wasn't pretty. I probably should post before and after photos for you all to get a better understanding of my skin but my god I am so not ready to do that. I am quite content with my skin now but looking at old photos makes me more than cringe.

My skin dilemmas started when I was 14 years old and like any young girl in high school having skin issues it's something you definitely don't need at that age. It started out with small white heads across my forehead and while that was tolerable (to an extent) my problems really started when I began to develop really bad acne across my cheeks, nose, neck and chin. When I say bad acne I mean those big horrible one that were so painful touch, to those unsightly puss filled ones that you were told to never pop but did anyway (and I so regret that now). Gore aside, I can safely say that I had horrible skin. It was so frustrating for me too because I was someone who ate fairly healthy, drank a lot of water, exercised and went to bed at a reasonable time. But with such bad skin you can't help but feel dirty and feel like you did something wrong in regards to your hygiene. Looking back now, I know it was mostly based on my hormones and not my cleaning habits but having bad skin just makes you want to hide.

I also probably tried everything on the market. I tried Proactiv (which did nothing for me), various pills, saw various dermatologists and used almost every type of acne skin care in the market. Somethings would work but then my acne would just come back worse than ever. By the time I was 17 it was honestly a battle I thought I could never win and I thought it was just something I had to learn to deal with. It wasn't until I was around 19 and had saved up some money that I was able to afford some more expensive skin clinics. This is when I started various facial cleaning procedures, skin peels, facial cleaning and microdermabrasion (google it, it can't really explain aha). It set me back quite a lot of money but I am so glad I tried it as it was the only the thing that was ever able to clear my skin. My dermatologist also introduced me to a whole range of products that I had never tried before but worked like nothing else.

So here I am two years on with skin that I am not entirely happy with (but really who is?) but not embarrassed about and can face the world without make up (sometimes). I just wanted to share this with you all so you have some idea of what my skin is like now and then and when I recommend products for acne/blemish prone skin, I truly stand by them because honestly my skin is so darn picky only a select products work!! Sorry for the massive ranty story telling type post I hope I didn't bore you to tears (ha).

So some posts you can now look forward to in the near future are cleansers, face masks, spot treatments and various gels and lotions that I swear by that work for acne/blemish prone, congested and oily skin. As well as make up for oily and blemish skin and how to deal with these skin problems. If you don't have skin like mine consider yourself blessed but if that pesky little pimple (or group of) pops up, know I'll have some advice waiting for you here.

Until then,

Chantalle x

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balm | Review

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 245 Audacious and Lacquer Balm in 135 Provocateur 

Whoever decided that lip crayons would be a great idea, I bow down to you! Ever since these babies were first released, they have been my saving grace on my lazy make up days (and heaven knows how many of those I have). I find lip crayons to be so easy to use and much much easier to apply sans mirror versus regular lipstick. So when Revlon released their newest additions to lip crayon party, Lacquer and Matte Balms I was all over that. I bought these two in a Priceline 2 for 1 sale many many moons ago and I have been wearing them both regularly since. I've got to say, these balms really satisfy my obsession with coral and bright pinks! With so many variations of the shades it was so hard for me to just pick two to trial (I will definitely being go back for more though not that I technically need more but you know ...) 

Out of the two formulas I was most impressed with the matte balms mainly due to my internal and irrational fear of matte lipstick. Now don't get me wrong I love pretty much everything matte  - matte eyeshadow, matte foundation, all things that I adore. But matte lipstick? Honestly that scares me just a tad. But these Revlon Matte Balms, ahhh-mazing! They applied really well and didn't dry out my lips at all. I think they are also just a bit moisturising that I almost forgot that I was actually wearing matte lipstick (thumbs up from me). The colour pay off is great and they last a really long time, and even when they start to wear off they leave a stain just like the original Colourburst balms.

The Lacquer balms on the other hand I find to be very similar to the original, though slightly more moisturising and glossier. Both the matte and lacquer balms have the same peppermint scent as the originals, though I find the new formulas to have a better colour pay off. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with these balms and I'm seriously itching to purchase some more.

What formula do you like best from the new Revlon Colourburst balms?

Chantalle x

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Empty Products #2 | Things I've used up

You got to hand it to the beauty blogging community for probably being the only ones who can make a blog post out of trash and make keeping empty bottles for months seem perfectly normal! I have a few empties this time around, some are favourites while others I could probably live the rest of my life without.
Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub 
I have raved about this scrub extensively here but I absolutely adore this scrub. It smells delicious and reminds me of pancakes, what's not to love?
Would I Repurchase? Yes

Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo
I'm currently on the hunt for some of the best dry shampoos that I want to include in a post that I have been planing, so naturally I had to give this a go. But spoiler alert, this probably has to be one my favourites so far. It smells great, but most importantly leaves hair feeling cleaner in between washes.
Would I Repurchase? Yes, after I have trialled all the dry shampoos I have stocked up on!

Skinstiut Glycolic Scrub
Skinstiut was a brand I was introduced to by my dermatologist and since I have started using this I haven't stopped. It has to be one of the only face scrubs that my skin has ever responded well to, and as someone who suffers from blemishes this a god send. I'm thinking of doing some posts about skin care that is good for acne prone and congested skin, let me know if you would be interested!
Would I Repurchase? Yes, forever and ever. 

MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW20
I briefly mentioned my love affair for this powder in my recent Mac haul post so I won't blabber about this too much, but this is the only powder I have repurchased.
Would I Repurchase? Yes, I already have!

Medik8 BetaCleanse Anti-Bacterial Exfoliating Foaming Wash
Another cleanser that I was introduced to from my dermatologist. This is great for problem skin as it contains Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil. It has a great scent and I feel really works for my skin.
Would I Repurchase? Definitely! 

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser sample 
I recieved this sample in one of my Mecca boxes and it isn't a product I would usually try as it isn't targeted towards my skin type. But in effort to clear out my samples I gave this a go. It has a pleasant scent and lathers into the skin pretty well but it doesn't suit my skin at all.
Would I Purchase? No

Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner 
I have had this sitting in my drawer for quite some time and it's about time this was chucked. I don't like it, I don't think gel liner is my thing but I am giving a Stila one a go. This one dried out fairly quickly and didn't have great staying power on my lids.
Would I Repurchase? No

Grown Alchemist Rosa Damascena Acai and Pomegranate Intensive Body Cream
I started using this when my skin was in phase of having dry patches. It works pretty okay in that respect but I am not a fan of the scent. I personally enjoy lotions and body creams with a nice smell and this doesn't do it for me.
Would I Repurchase? Probably not

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask
This has to be one of my favourite face masks for congested skin. I won't say too much because I have a review coming up featuring this baby but lets just say that it is worth the hype.
Would I Repurchase? YES

Bioderma Crealine H20 micellar water
I probably mention this too much on my blog (see my review here and my comparison post here) but it truly is a great product, that is all.
Would I Repurchase? Yes

L'Occitane Shea Butter Dry Skin Hand Cream sample
Another sample that I recieved but from one of my Adore Beauty orders. I love hand creams and shea butter so I was excited to try this but sadly I am not impressed. Like my body creams, I like my hand creams to have a nice scent and this one I do not like at all. I will not buy the full tube.
Would I Purchase? No

John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo and Conditioner 
As someone that suffers from oily roots and dry ends (whilst having color treated hair) the pain of finding a good hair duo is bloody hard. I spotted this in Priceline and it seemed to address all my problems. It has weird peppermint scent that I can handle but I feel it still leaves my hair feeling oily after two days. With dry shampoo this is fine but on it's own not so much.
Would I Repurchase? Will have to try out other shampoo/conditioners before deciding

St Tropez Gradual Tan Moisturiser in Light/Medium 
I believe I have mentioned how pale I am somewhere so some form of tanning product is pretty much a yearly staple for me (though in winter I can get away with pale pins yay!) I love St Tropez but I hated this. The smell is just yuk and for a gradual tan it's so orange and so streaky, I hated it.
Would I Repurchase? No way, didn't even finish the full bottle

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle
Another dry shampoo I have been trialling so I won't give it all away but it does work really well.
Would I Repurchase? Undecided

What empties do you have lying around? Have you tried any of these?

Chantalle x

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #4 | Winter Wants

 1. Topshop Tailored Lightweight coat in pale pink | 2. Topshop Monochrome Print Throw On Coat |
 3. Diptyque Limited Edition Rosa Mundi candle | 4. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned | 5. MAC Maleficent Collection Lipstick in True Love's Kiss | 6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion | 7. Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose | 8. Essie Nail Polish in After School Boy Blazer | 9. Essie Nail Polish Devil's Advocate

With a new season comes a new wishlist. Not sure if it's just me and it's probably a little cliche (okay, a lot cliche) to match lip/nail colour and make up with the season. I guess for us Aussies since we don't really get a full blown winter, we make up for it in attempting to look and dress the part. I love vampy reds, plums and wine coloured lips for autumn and winter, as well as black blues and deep cherry reds for my nails. A little of pinched cheeks don't hurt either for that I've-just-been-out-in-the-cold-wind look. I think it's the only time (except maybe for night and special occasions) that I can really get away with wearing a lot of dark colours and not be labelled a goth. I also love coats and anything oversized and slouchy really (especially of the monochrome variety),  though I'm trying the trend of injecting a bit pastel into the fold (note the baby pink boyfriend coat). I'm also lusting after some new candles, as well as a quality lip butter to take care of my lips on cooler days (with a nice touch of red of course). 

What's on your wishlist this month? 

Chantalle x

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bioderma Crealine H20 vs Garnier Micellar Water | Product Comparison

Product comparison posts are honestly one of my favourites to both read and write. One of the many reasons why I first really got into beauty blogging was for me a lack in posts that compared similar products. The Urban Decay Naked Palette was one of my first major beauty purchases and at the time 1 and 2 were on the market and I had no frickin' clue on which to buy first. I took to the Internet for much needed help and I felt no one could really tell me straight out either. I had to make a decision all on my lonesome, heaven help me. So I started these types of posts on my blog on while ago to help you guys out, and help you decide with no fluffiness, no hidden agenda which out of the two products you should buy and which you shouldn't even bother with. In today's product comparison post I will be comparing the pros and cons of two the most popular micellar solutions from Bioderma and Garnier.

To start things off let me just say I lurrrveee micellar cleansing water. It is honestly a god send and ever since introducing it into my daily routine I haven't looked back since. I truly believe that for me they are best way to remove make up or freshen up your skin. They are super gentle, which is great for my skin (I have very sensitive acne prone skin) and most importantly didn't break me out. I think every beauty blogger and their dog has tried at least one type (hopefully, if you haven't get on it stat). My first foray into the micellar cleansing water world was of course with Bioderma (you can check out my full review here) but daily use of this stuff and constant repurchasing seriously did a number on my bank account. Bioderma is just so darn pricey for something I run out of quite quickly. So when Garnier released their own version I just had to try it out and see if it were anything like Bioderma. I have been using both for quite some time now and have finally come to the conclusion on which I think is the best.

In terms of size Garnier is obviously the bigger one here. I have never managed to get my hands on the 500ml Bioderma until my most recent Adore Beauty purchase so I don't really take the size of the bottle into consideration. Though the Bioderma 250ml is much easier to take traveling with you instead of the bigger Garnier bottle. I honestly can't spot nay difference between the two in consistency and look. If they were both in a non labelled bottle I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them. However I think Bioderma has a slightly different scent. I don't think the Garnier variation really has a scent to be honest but the Bioderma one does but it doesn't bother me at all, like it's not incredibly potent but I can smell it on a cotton pad.

But the real crunch here is which works better. After many months of the trialing the two I have to say that Bioderma is hands down the better solution. In saying that, it doesn't mean that the Garnier one doesn't work because it does, just not as well as Bioderma in my opinion. The Bioderma micellar solution is without a doubt the best at removing eye make up. When I use the Garnier one I feel it still leaves traces of my mascara and eyeliner on my eyes (and don't even get me started on when I use waterproof mascara...) I also feel that when I use it to remove my foundation that it doesn't remove all of it as well as the Bioderma one does. Overall I feel that the Bioderma alternative removes my make up better and leaves my skin feeling cleaner and fresher. I even got my mum to try out the two and she has to agree, using up all my Bioderma leaving me to use the Garnier solution *sigh. In this situation, Bioderma is definitely worth the price tag, although the Garnier one may be a great cheaper alternative if you feel like saving some money. I do use the Garnier one now to tidy up my (bad) attempts at wing eyeliner so I am not wasting it. I know some people out there won't agree with me and will probably find the Garnier one works just as well for them if not better, but for me and my skin using Bioderma Crealine is well worth the extra dollars.

What do you think of micellar cleaning water and which is your favourite? Do you agree with me on which is the best?

Chantalle x

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MAC Haulin'

Man oh man, if there were an award for the most pathetic sad excuse for a blogger I would win that award with flying colours, hands down. I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting in God knows how long, but real life kept me back a bit this month! So I thought what better way to get back into the swing of things than by sharing some of my most recent MAC splurges.

My MAC haul this time around consists of a few repurchases of some good old favourites of mine. The Studio Fix Plus Liquid Foundation and Powder have been life long favourites. I get both the liquid and powder in the shade NW20. While they do tend lean on the medium to full coverage side of things, I find these two to be great in terms of covering those pesky blemishes and on nights where I need my foundation to do the hard yards. Some people hate how full coverage these two are, but I honestly adore them, especially the powder. I have tried various other powders in my time but I always seem to come back to this. I think it's love. 

I also repurchased the trusty MAC Brush Cleanser. I definitely don't wash my brushes as often as I should (I know, how naughty of me) but when I do, this stuff makes it so much easier. I highly recommend this for cleaning brushes. I had a brief stint with baby shampoo, but nothing I find cleans and maintains the quality of my brushes as good as this does. Worth all the money for sure. 

At the time I did my little MAC spree, the A Fantasy of Flowers collection was just released online in Australia (late to the game again, as always) so I picked up a few products from that collection as well. I felt that I was obliged to repurchase the Mineralise Skinfinish in 'Stereo Rose' as it was finally re-released in this collection. I did manage to snag one the last time it was around but I use mine quite often and I feared I would run out one day without a back up (as if I don't own enough blushes in similar shades anyway, heaven forbid). I believe this blush is worth every bit of hype it receives, it's the perfect peachy pink with just a touch of shimmer. I also got a lipstick in the shade 'Dreaming Dahlia' which is such a lovely red coral. It is a bit on the sheer side, but I think it's a nice pop of colour that can be used in a daytime look. Lastly from the collection, I got a Cremesheen Glass in the shade 'Nectarsweet' which is pretty much a light peach gloss.

Of course no MAC haul would be complete without a few lippies. I felt my little collection was severely lacking in nude peach shades (but rather abundant in corals might I add) and I needed a new shade for winter so I went for the all time favourites, 'Shy Girl,' 'Patisserie' and 'Syrup.' At the moment I am in love with Patisserie, it's such a nice 'my lips but nicer' shade. AND lastly, I also purchased a Mineralize Blush in the shade 'Warm Soul' which I regret just a teeny tad as it is so similar to NARS Lustre. However, I do love that shade so I feel like this will get some use from me eventually... 

What do you think of some of the products I've mentioned? Any favourites? Let me know! 

Chantalle x

Friday, April 11, 2014

Currently Loving #2 | April Favourites

Ahhh it is that time of the year where we yet again say goodbye to another month. I am not even going to say how fast this year is because I honestly can't even fathom it, I seriously just need some device that stops time because soon it will be 2015 and won't even know where 2014 went! Last month I would say a had quite a few products that I was loving (including a tea), some are new and some are old favourites re-visited!

Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion for very dry skin - I've read a lot of mixed reviews about this skin conditioner from the blogging community, to me it seems like you either love it or you hate it! Personally, I like it a lot especially if I am having a lazy day and have no time to apply lotion after my shower. I also like it because it makes so much easier to moisturise my skin in humid weather (I hate using lotion when it is humid, so gross) and we experienced a lot of humid weather in Sydney this month so this gets a thumbs up from me! If you would like a more detailed review of this give me a hollahhh, though I am sure there are plenty of reviews already out there!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold- I recently did a review on this that you can check out here so I'll leave this short and sweet, I love this and I have been using it a lot in March.

St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse - For those who don't know me, I am extremely pale. My friends give me a lot of shit about it and while I am not bothered by it too much, getting a tan is so very hard (any other pale girls out there, do ya feel me?!) That's where this product comes in. In March I experimented a lot with fake tan and I found this one to be the best in terms of giving me a nice healthy glow (because who I am kidding it wouldn't even be considered a tan) without looking orange or overly fake. I will be bringing this back out when Spring rolls around again.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Foundation - As someone that suffered from horrible acne and still gets blemishes I am always looking for foundation that doesn't breakout my skin and provides flawless coverage without looking cakey. During the whole of March, this was my go to foundation. It doesn't give me breakouts at all and leaves my skin looking oil free all day. I can see this becoming a life long favourite.

Bourjois Happy Light matte primer - Like foundation, I like to experiment with primers. This one I found myself using quite a lot this month. Not my favourite of all time, but definitely  kept my skin looking matte all month long.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in Nude - I have been looking for this shade for so long and honestly when I finally found it I was almost jumping up and down in Priceline (no joke). I use it for my waterline on days where I have very little to no sleep and it honestly makes me look that much more awake, fresh and wide eyed. Love love love it.

Dermalogica Multi Active Toner - Just a little something I used on warmer days to make my skin feel more refreshed. It is supposed to be used after cleansing to help moisturiser absorb better. I can't say it helped in that respect but I did enjoy using it.

L'Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster marker eyeliner - This is a fairly new release in Australia and I loved using it for cat eye liner. The thin marker tip made creating the flick so easy peasy.

Qi Organic Green Tea Detox tea - Last but not least I've been drinking this tea a lot! I love the taste and I seriously so much less bloated and gross after drinking this.

What have you been loving lately? Have you tried any of these products?

Chantalle x

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blogger Love #1

For as long as I can remember (since the birth of the wonderful thing called the Internet anyway) I have always enjoyed reading blogs of some shape or form. I remember being in high school and spending an excessive amount of time that should have been spent on studying trolling through various Live Journal sites - I was really into personal blogs at that time. That soon moved on to Tumblr where I first started blogging myself, and it wasn't until I found Estee's blog that I was introduced to the wonderful world of beauty blogging - and I haven't looked back since.

Despite the copious and arguably ridiculous amounts of time that I spend online reading beauty and fashion blogs I have failed to share my love for my favourites and daily reads, shame on me. So when I was tagged recently by the lovely Tamira from The Guilty Girl, I decided it was finally time to share a little bit of lovin'. Instead of answering questions (because God knows how indecisive I can be) I've decided to just name a few of my faves for you guys to check out if you haven't already (but you probably have, because let's face it you probably spend as much time on here as me).

I'll start with the regular favourites, but these were the gals that really inspired me to start my own blog and share my love for all thangs beauty. As mentioned I love myself some Essiebutton, she is so down to earth and absolutely hilarious, I always seem to find myself cackling while watching her videos. Not to mention that girl could probably persuade to buy almost anything, and I mean anything, she also has some great lifestyle posts!

Another enabler would probably be the good old duo, Lily from Lily Pebbles and Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup. I just love their friendship and obviously their blogs. I seem to have a thing from bloggers from the UK, one of the first few blogs I started following was Alix's blog I COVET THEE and Kate from Gh0stparties. These girls are just gorgeous and seriously makes me envy those UK girls.

Of course I also need to mention my Aussie girls, Brodie from Brodie Jay, Sarah from More than Adored, Ash from Actually Ash, Laura from Breton & Blush, Tenneil from Like Neon Love and Nhi from Miss Blushaholic. Don't get me wrong, I love reading international blogs but sometimes it's hard reading about the products we can't or will never get, not to mention being in different seasons!! But that doesn't mean I don't love them so! A shout out to Celina from The Celution, Tamira from The Guilty Girl, Claire from Clairabelle0306, and Kirsty from Behind These Closed Eyes.

Lately I have really been inspired by and loving the posts by lipstick with somesunshine, From Roses, and Sleep and Water. Their posts are so great to read and their photography and blog layout is beyond amazing!  

There are SO MANY blogs that I want to mention and I'm sure I have missed out on so many blogs! These are just the ones that I can think of from the top of my head! I will hopefully do more editions of this post in the future because I am always finding great new blogs to follow pretty much everyday!

What are some of your favourite blogs?

Chantalle x

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Switching Seasons | Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Review


With the down pour of rain (down pour may actually be an understatement ...) that has hit Sydney this week I can without a doubt say that we are in the midst of switching seasons. So long balmy nights, flowy dresses, and pastel tips and say hello to jewel toned lips, sweaters, and frosty mornings (probably an overstatement that last one...)

I personally love autumn/winter and I find it a big old shame that Australia is cheated from receiving a proper 'winter' treatment. It really doesn't get that cold here, yes we have our days but most of the time you can get away with a light jacket and some cute stockings. But despite the lack in cold weather, I still like to switch up my make up and nail colour to match the weather. Call me cliche, but I love marking the beginning of a new season by bringing out certain shades, textures, and finishes.

This time around I have found myself playing with the new (in Australia anyway) Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels. These were released about a month a go and I snapped up a few when Priceline had a sale. My favourite two out of the bunch is Apricot Nectar very summery/spring peach shade, and Autumn Spice a brown multi chrome nail polish and obviously a autumn/winter shade.

What first attracted to me to these nail polishes was the cute bottle. These are one of the snazziest nail polish bottles (other than high brands) that I have that look great just sitting on my desk or on my shelves. But what I guess disheartened me from buying them so quickly was the fact that they are scented. To me, scented nail polish just seems so 90's and something that I had as a child, and I imagined the scent to be quite fake. However, these two are not bad at all and smell quite lovely. The Apricot Nectar obviously smells a bit like peach and apricots and isn't too over powering, and the Autumn Spice smells a bit like cinnamon.

The colour pay-off of one coat of these polishes is quite good, but I find it requires at least two coats. When worn without top coat it only lasted me about a day before chipping but with a top coat I find that the scent mostly disappears. Overall, I like these Revlon polishes but I find the scent a bit unnecessary and prefer them for their colours and cute bottles rather than the smell.

Have you tried the Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel's? What do you think about the scent?

Chantalle x

Friday, March 14, 2014

Alpha- H Liquid Gold | Is it Worth the Hype?

For most of my teenage years I suffered from horrible acne. And to make matters just that bit worse I never listened to what my mother/doctor/magazines/any sensible person would tell me about not pricking or popping my pimples, and oh boy did I regret it years later. While I still suffer from the occasional zit especially around that extra special time of the month, my focus with skin care now is keeping my skin clear and creating a firmer more toned texture. I have spent a lot of money (and I mean a lot) on my skin and reducing my acne scars. I have tried all sorts of creams and derma rollers (but my experiences with that are for another post!) that I wanted to start trying more 'affordable' options. So when I heard about Alpha-H Liquid Gold I was more than excited to try it out. I of course did extensive research before purchasing (read: checked out all the reviews on my favourite blogs) as you do.

If you're a bit confused or a bit late to game (no here judgement pal), Liquid Gold is not literally liquid gold. Alpha-H describes it as their 'cult skin resurfacing treatment that uses a state of the art, low pH delivery system to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage.' I don't know about you, but every time I hear the word acid or pH in skincare I automatically freak out. I know it's not literally skin melting acid that you use back in your high school science labs but it still gives me the hebejebes. While it is essentially an acid peel that works to exfoliate the skin over night I swallowed my irrational fear and gave this bad boy a go (all in the sake of skin care, all in the sake of skin care). 

Alpha-H recommend for it to be used every alternate night after cleansing the skin. I guess Liquid Gold would best be described as a toner and is applied in the same way by moistening a cotton pad and sweeping it over the face, neck and decolletage. It can be followed up with a moisturiser or serum, or left on it's own to do it's thang for a more intense treatment. It is a bit tingly but not unbearable. When I first purchased it I used it regularly and I now use it whenever my skin is particularly troublesome.

So, is Liquid Gold worth all the hype that it receives? I would say a resounding yes. I noticed an incredible difference in my skin when I first started using it, my skin was clearer, firmer, more toned, and just in general felt less congested. My pimples didn't last as long and my pores were less noticeable. It is incredibly easy to apply with a flip top lid and little goes a long way (I'm still on my first bottle). However it isn't exactly cheap but I think it is well worth the quality of the product. So all in all, I think Alpha-H Liquid Gold is great product and would recommend it to those who are concerned with the texture of their skin.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold can be purchased in Australia from Adore Beauty and Internationally from Beauty Bay

Have you ever tried Liquid Gold or do you plan on trying it in the future?

Chantalle x

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life Lately #2

I cannot believe that it is already March, seriously! I swear it was just the other day that I was writing up my New Years resolutions and now we are 3 months into the year. Whewwww, the year just needs to slow down already, before we know it it will be 2015. But February has been a good month to me, I celebrated my 21st birthday in Melbourne, visited some family that I haven't seen for a long time in Brisbane, and finally got back into the swing of blogging. I still don't post as regularly as I like but I'm (slowly) organisning my life (very slowly may I just add). I didn't take that many pictures during my stay in Brisbane but below are few snaps of my time in Melbourne.

One of the most memorable parts of the trip would have to be the day of my 21st birthday with all the disasters surrounding food. I will never forget having to walk more than 10 minutes in the pouring rain to have my birthday brunch, the food was great but looking like a drowned rat was not. Then later that night walking into the most expensive restaurant I have ever been to in my life (words can't describe how swanky it was) for dinner at 10pm. Embarrassed would be an understatement, thank heavens the food was unbelievable.

We spent a lot of time wandering around. Melbourne is truly a beautiful city. I loved going up and down random alleyways and finding cute cafes and amazing graffiti art work. Of course we also hit up all the infamous shopping locations, you haven't been to Melbourne unless you have been shopping. I tried not to spend too much but I ended up purchasing some bits and pieces ... oops! One of my favourite things that we did was attend High Tea at the Langham hotel. To say the hotel was unbelievably gorgeous is not doing it justice, it was quite ritzy I must say. The food/chocolate was great I would definitely do it again.

All in all, Melbourne was pretty great! What did you get up to in February? And if you have ever been to Melbourne what was your favourite thing to do? I plan to go back eventually!

Chantalle x

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Inside my travel makeup bag

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted for awhile (but it's within good reason I swear!) Over the last week and a half I've been traveling up and down Australia, first an unexpected visit to Brisbane to see family and then straight to Melbourne to celebrate my 21st birthday! So, with all the traveling I have been doing as of late I thought what would be better than to share a peek inside my travel make up bag. I will also have some pictures my trip to come as well so keep a look out for those if it interests you!

I used to be the worst traveler in regards to make up and would end up taking quite a large amount of my stash with me and not end up using half of it. For my latest travels, I decided to finally cut that down a bit (if I'm being honest, this is probably actually a quarter of what I would previously take) to the essentials that would get me through a weekend or just a couple of days. And yes, it was bloody hard to choose only a few items. At one point I gave up and tried to add a few more bits and pieces (read: numerous items I don't need), but I soldiered on and came up with this little collection. I might as well add that I didn't die with only less than 10 products to choose from a day, but I was very, very happy to come home to my extensive stash of make up.

I decided to go with MAC Face and Body Foundation as my base of choice as I wanted to have something that was light and easy to apply during the day that still offered a reasonable amount of coverage and dewiness but could still also be layered at night. My primer of choice ended up being Laura Mercier foundation primer in Radiance, that added just the right amount of glow and staying power. I also went with Stila Convertabile Colour in Gerbera as a blush and Benefit Hoola Bronzer to add some life and definition to my face. As usual I went with Benefit Gimmebrow for my eyebrows and Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette as it is easy to carry around and can be used to create a neutral look for day and a smokey eye for night. I also brought my favourite liquid eye liner at the moment, Maybelline Master Precise for nights out as well. It was such a hard decision to choose one lipstick (but I did it ladies!) and went with MAC lipstick in Angel, great for the day and great for a nude lip to pair with smokey eyes at night. And last but not least, YSL Shocking mascara that adds great definition for day and can be built up for a more dramatic look for night (I think I may do a review on it in the near future too!)

So that's what my travel make up bag currently consists of. What do you think of its contents? What do you have in yours?

Chantalle x

Monday, February 10, 2014

Inglot Freedom System | Review

Lately I've heard so much about Inglot products and how great the colour pay off of their eye shadows are that I decided (and rather spontaneouly might I add) to give some of their products a try. I am prone to be quite indecisive and usually make carefully thought out purchases, so this was definitely a first for me! It is quite amazing actually that I didn't take hours to decide. But for my first Inglot purchase I decided to create my own freedom palette (because I can never have too many eye shadow palettes, righttttt?)

Inglot boasts a variety of customisable freedom palettes, from trios and quads to palettes that can hold 10, 20 or even 40 eye shadows. Let me just say that their colour range is extraordinary - there are so many colours of varying shades and finishes that I was completely overwhelmed with choice (not in a bad way though).

I decided on a quad palette with four neutral shades that I thought complimented each other quite well but also still looked quite lovely on their own. I also tried to choose shades that were slightly different to what I already have in other palettes (heavy emphasis on try though). In the end I chose the shades 393, 09, 43, and 402. 393 is lovely peal peach shade that can be used for highlighting the browbone or even as a shimmery neutral all over the lid. 09 was a shade that stood out to me from the start, I love bronzey type eye shadows on their own and this one was so lovely I couldn't look past it. 43 is a warm gold tone brown and pairs well with 393. 402 is more of a cool toned taupe and so very pretty.

Inglot Freedom System palettes can be bought on their online site, however I would recommend buying them in store purely for swatching purposes (I am not fond of buying eye shadows without swatching). I also found their labeling system/lack of eyeshadow names overwhelming and a bit harder to choose. For girls living in Sydney, the only place I have ever seen Inglot products (other than at IMATS and where I bought mine) is at Bondi Junction Westfield as a pop up shop.

I haven't used my palette much yet but I can say without a doubt that these babies deserve every bit of praise that they get. For only $10 a piece and $13 for the palette (quite a reasonable for Australia), these eye shadows are worth every cent. They are of extremely high quality, the pigmentation is amazing, and the texture is unbelievable. I will definitely be making a larger palette or creating more quads - whichever really, as long as I get more of these in my life!

Have you tried any Inglot eye shadows?

Chantalle X

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mecca Cosmetica Mini Haul & Beauty Loop Bonus

I swear for me, (and for many other gals on here I'm sure) there is nothing better than a lil beauty haul. Nothing is as satisfying as finally buying a product that you've had your eye on for ages, and I mean nothing. If you're trying to think of something better, don't even go there. Is there really, truly something better than the thrill of opening a package or going in store to get your hands on that one product (whatever it may be) that you have been coveting? No, no there isn't.

I'm kidding guys, but seriously you cannot be a beauty lover/addict/devotee/aficionado if you don't enjoy buying the stuff (don't even deny it!)

Dramatics aside, I do really love a good old haul and my recent little haul was from Mecca Cosmetica. I guess Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima would be the Australian equivalent of Sephora, and when they call themselves mecca, it is truly a mecca for make up and skincare - I could spend hours in there alone not gonna lie. However, I decided to buy some bits and pieces I have been meaning to get on their online store instead of actually going in. I had received an email about their exclusive gift with purchase for being apart of the 'beauty loop' - their version of a loyalty program, and thought to myself, what better reason to go shopping than to receive some more goodies in the process. So naturally, off I went.

I am apparently a Level 2 Beauty Devote on the Beauty Loop program, I think you need to spend more than $600 a year to get there (that's a lot of money when you add it up like that... I may have a problem guys). But I think it's a nice way to accumulate points and be rewarded with a sample box. My two packages arrived within 2 days of my ordering, which is always great. It also came quite nicely packaged, and I must say I am a sucker for neat packaging (anyone with me?) I ordered the Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin, Origins GinZing eye cream, Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo, and Clinique Anti-blemish solutions liquid foundation - so expect some reviews on them in the near future.

I was actually quite pleased with the sample box as it include some things that I have been wanting to try out, as well some other things that looked quite good as well. The Beauty Loop box included a decent size sample of Clinique Even Better dark spot correcter which I have been meaning to try out with my acne prone skin history and all, Bare Minerals Stroke of Light eye brightener, NARS Light Optimizing Primer, and Lancome CILS Booster XL Mascara. I'm quite excited to try these all out, if you would like to see a review drop me a line! And to top it off I also received the usual samples that come with a Mecca purchase, some Stila Colour Balm lipstick samples and the infamous By Terry Baume de Rose (I've been dying to try this but I just can't justify $84 on a lip balm!!?)

Have any of you Aussies been to Mecca Cosmetica? Or have you tried any of these products? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Chantalle X

*note: I was not endorsed for this post, it is simply my own thoughts on their brand, products and their reward/loyalty system

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #3 | 21st Birthday Edition

I've probably mentioned countless times about how I am turning 21 this year. And while I have both dreaded and anxiously awaited this day for probably a year now, it is finally a little under 2 weeks away (cue getting old/becoming an adult/time to become responsible jokes here). While my 20th year wasn't too flashy, I am having high hopes for this one, well I like to think it will be a bloody good year. To celebrate I'm going to Melbourne for the weekend, so stay tuned for some posts about that! But here a couple of trinkets that I'd die to receive (read: buy for myself) for my birthday. They are on the pricey side, but that's what a wish list is for right? Wishing ...

001. Michael Kors Large Selma Top Zip Satchel - I've being trying to find an everyday black bag that is timeless, versatile but still simple. Enter the Selma satchel. If someone got me this I would love them foreverrrrrr and everrrrr.

002. Tiffany & Co. Crown Key Pendant and Heart Tag Charm Necklace- I received a Tiffany & Co. mini heart key pendant necklace for my 18th birthday, so it seemed fitting to get a larger key pendant necklace for my 21st birthday. Plus, getting something with a key is a 21st tradition somewhere right? But honestly, I'd be happy with anything Tiffany's. 

003. Pandora February Birthstone Ring- This little gem will probably end up being something I gift myself. I've had my eye on it for a couple of months and buying it for my birthday just seems quite fitting don't you think?

004. Pandora 21st Bracelet Charm- Just to go with my other charms on my Pandora bracelet.

005. Karen Walker Eyewear Northern Lights Sunglasses- I've been lusting over these for months, and I mean months. The hefty price tag has always stopped me from buying them but a 21st birthday is great reason to splurge I'm thinking.

006. Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede perfume- because it's about time I had some Jo Malone in my life, I'm becoming a young woman after all...

007. The Penguin Complete Jane Austen- It's cliche I know, but I've been a Jane Austen fan since I fell in love with books. I have enjoyed everything that she has written and it would be lovely to have them all together on my shelf like this looking pretty.

008. Nars Narcissist Palette- I think everyone with a beauty blog wants this palette, but as usual Australia is pretty much last to get the good stuff. It is said to be released in Australia around February 23rd (a week after my birthday) but I consider it birthday 'month' so I'm going to go ahead and purchase it anyway (if I can get my hands on it that is!)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Currently Loving #1 | January Faves

I've decided to do things a little different this month instead of the good ole 'Monthly Favorites' posts. To switch it up for something a bit more regular and slightly informal, and thus giving me a bit more freedom, I'm going to include currently loving posts. These posts will include a small round up of things that I'm (you guessed it) currently loving at this moment. I may also include some non-beauty related items, my other obsessions (but not limited to) include TV shows and books (I'm not just a gloss loving gal ya know). So let's take a look at what's floating my boat at the mo...

These are just a few beauty products that I'm currently digging. All month long I have found myself reaching for these products, and for most days in combination (except the face mask that is). I'm really loving the Revlon Photoready BB Cream, especially on hot Australian summer days. It's light on the skin while still packing a decent amount of coverage, plus it's SPF 30. I've also been using Benefit Gimme Brow to fill in my eyebrows, Clinique High Impact Mascara for quick application that packs a punch, and Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue Effects Lipstick in the shade Sun Blush Sheer for a nice swipe of sheer coral peach colour on the lips. My face this month has been all about light, natural and quick application.

For any problem skin days, I've been using Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Mask. Anna over at Vivianna Does Makeup has been raving about this lately and I have to also sing my praises. This baby is great for clearing up blemishes and congested skin. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and so very clean afterwards.

As a TV show devotee my new favourite series has to be Reign. If you're not watching it, go download or something! It's loosely based on Mary Queen of Scots, with a slight modern twist. I absolutely love this show, if you liked the Tudors, Downton Abbey or even Gossip Girl, I recommend you to watch this show like right now.
(Side note: yes, that is my reflection on my laptop screen, no matter what I did my reflection was unavoidable). 

I've also recently started reading magazines again after stopping over the holidays. At the moment I have found myself buying ELLE, a new addition to the Australian magazine world. How beautiful is the February cover guys?

What are you currently loving?

Chantalle X

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Life Lately #1

I feel like a record on repeat by constantly saying this, but how quick is the year going guys? No matter how many times I've said it (and it has been many), I still can't seem to grasp how fast time is going as of late. Wasn't it just Christmas like ahhhh a couple of days a go? Now it's almost my 21st birthday in two weeks (but how old I'm getting and the despair the ensues is a post for another day)!

Despite the issues I'm having with time, I've decided to introduce a new type of post on my blog, just a little something something that is a bit more personal and a little bit of a recap of my life lately. Not quite sure how often I'll be posting this (guess that depends on how busy my days are) but I just wanted to offer a different glimpse of my (non-beauty obsessed) life.  These posts will be fairly photo heavy, so if you're not a fan of the good old photograph run along darling.

Last Saturday was the farewell party for one of my longest friends. The lucky gal is going on exchange to Spain for a whole year! Her farewell was held at Cargo Bar in Darling Harbor in Sydney and just dinner, a few drinks and bit of dancing to celebrate our last days with her. We also spent the night at the Meritton in Circular Quay.

We can pull some pretty lovely faces, this was the normal of the bunch. And yes, my regrowth is getting prettyyyyyy bad. I'm kinda stuck in a hair funk and have no idea what to do with it so I'm just growing it out. Any suggestions are very welcome!

I also went to the Aquarium! Yes, the aquarium! Some  work buddies and I decided it would be a good idea considering we haven't been since we were young. If you live in Sydney and haven't done it or gone in a while, I suggest you go! It was plenty of fun letting out my inner child and oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over all the sea creatures.

 Typical shark teeth photo and Sarah being uber amazed by the shark tank.

My favourite sea animal is probably the dugong,  which I guess is the Australian version of the Manatee. To me it is comparable to sea cow, though its more closely related to an elephant and it's constantly eating. I am love with it's fatness (if that is even a word), I mean just look at it! Tell me it isn't adorable.

Sydney weather has been quite lovely as of late so we decided to go down to Kiama Beach for the dau, which is south of Sydney. We spent the day rock climbing (me, reluctantly) around Kiama blow hole and attempting to get a tan on the beach, I have mentioned how white I am right? Beside that, isn't the view lovely?

What you have you been up to lately? Do you like these personal type posts? Let me know!

Chantalle X