Monday, October 27, 2014

Life Lately #3

Oh, what's this?! A post?! On my blog?! NO WAY, your eyes are definitely not deceiving you! This is definitely a new post.

I cannot believe it has been 3 months since I last posted! I am incredibly sorry and highly ashamed of myself. What went from not posting for 1 week to 3 months is so so bad! But I am back now you guys! I miss blogging so much and reading all of your blogs (which I haven't done in a while either PLEASE forgive me!! *hides behinds hands*). Plus, I feel like I disappear around the same time each year (I can recall writing a similar post circa 2013) and come back with the same sorry excuses. So this is really horrible of me to keep disappearing but I promise I am back for good (if not a long while), this time round!

But I thought what better way to get back into the swing of things than to update you with a little life lately post (which hasn't been updated since March - quite pathetic if you ask me). The main reason for my extended absence is that real life got a bit too 'real' and hella busy, which I am sure you can all understand, right? It just so happens that (sadly) I'm probably not as good as all you guys are with time management thing and updating my blog seemed more of a task than something I enjoyed doing. So I stopped. I did achieve a few things in my mini hiatus though.

I FINALLY got my license!! If you know me in real life you will understand how much of an achievement this was for me. I'm 21 and in Sydney you get your learners permit at 16, so that's about 5 years of me trying to learn how to drive and failing. I've always hated driving, but I finally bit my tongue and did it! I got my license and bought myself a lovely new car (in red, because you know red cars are faster... ahaha).
I also started up a new internship in August and probably the main reason for disappearance. Juggling real work and an internship, plus real life got a bit too much for me. I intern at a cosmetics brand 2 days a week and manage their social media and blogger relationships - which I love because I still got to hang out in beauty blogger land, just on the other side of things.
I also started taking up German classes once a week. Completely random I know but I've always wanted to learn the language after traveling there when I was a teen and I already know basic French so I thought why not learn some German! If you can speak German feel free to test my skills and comment below - it would be good to see how good (read: bad) I actually am.

AND if you're interested, I am also now a contributor on the brand spanking new More Than Adored site which is managed by the ever lovely Sarah. So if you ever get the time go check it out (but you probably do already, because let's be real her blog is ah-mazing!!) I have some of my own posts in the works so I will keep you informed if one does go up!!

So that's my last 3 months in a nutshell! What have you guys been up to!? Let me know, because I miss you all so very much!

Chantalle x