Sunday, March 20, 2016

An introduction to Alpha-H | A-List Kit Review

Like the true skincare junkie that I am, there is nothing better than sampling a new selection products and seeing how they perform on my skin. For the past month and a bit I have been trialing the Alpha-H A-List Kit*, and in true Alpha-H form these products have been delivering the goods.

The kit comes with 5 of Alpha-H's award winning AHA products, including the infamous Liquid Gold. I have previously tried and reviewed Liquid Gold before, so knowing how well it already worked with my skin I was excited to incorporate similar products into my routine - this girl loves her AHA's people!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The 5 Product Face

Some days I am really just not bothered to put on a 'full face' of make-up - you know those days I'm talking about. On a daily basis working in the beauty industry,  I sometimes feel the pressure to look made up (especially at events or meetings!), so my usual everyday face would definitely have to consist of more than 10 products easily - it definitely helps that I love putting on the stuff regularly! But on the days where I just couldn't be bothered or on the weekends where I still want to wear a bit of make-up but want my skin to breathe a little, these are the products that are my current go-tos and ones that I have been reaching for lately. Let's talk my 5 product face.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

5 of the Best Face Masks for Congested & Oily Skin

Sometimes there is nothing better than a great face mask. For me, they're the key to a great pamper session to really wind down on a Sunday evening (or any evening really, let's be serious). Not to mention, they are ultimate product when your skin is playing up and messing around. Skin feeling a bit congested or oily? There's a face mask for that. Feeling a bit lackluster or maybe a bit dull in your complexion? Face mask it. Or maybe your skin is feeling dry and dehydrated? There is definitely a face mask for that too.  Face masks have to be one of my favourite skincare products for sure. And one my favourite type of masks are those targeted towards congested and clogged pores, absorbs excess oil and brightens your skin tone (all that fantastic delicious stuff we love...) If you read my last my post about my Morning skincare routine, then y'all already know that my skin can be quite a pesky little things and is quite oily and blemish prone. So a clearing mask is something I use at least once a week as I find they are best way to whip my skin back into shape if it has been feeling a bit off. But first, what makes a good face mask for congested, oily and acne prone skin?