Saturday, June 25, 2016

Empties #4 | Things I've used up

It feels like forever and a day since I did my last empties post. I seriously take my hat off to all of you who are able to finish off enough products to do monthly empties, for realzz I do not have that sort of discipline. I have this horrible habit of using a product till it is about 3 quarters empty, then moving on to something new and faaaaanccyyy before I actually finish it off. Consequently I have a sizeable collection of products that are almost empty, but not quite enough to throw away (I could probs do a post on all those buggers instead, let me tell you).

So I have been really really really trying to restrain myself lately, step away from all the glittery new things that come my way and actually finish some things off. It's still not a lot (baby steps people, baby steps) but here a few things that I have used up lately. Let's talk trashy.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Winter Beauty Survival Kit

Forgive me for being horribly cliche, but it is well and truly winter here in Sydney. As I sit to write this post it has been cold and pouring rain all weekend - but I ain't complaining, helloooo to staying in bed with a cup of tea and watching TV all day! Winter is definitely one of my favourite seasons. I love nothing better than snuggling under mountains of blankets, thick coats and woolly scarves - and of course rocking a good ole berry lip. My skin on the other hand, a completely different story. My skin in winter is notorious for becoming a dry scaly mess, so just like I switch up my wardrobe, I must do the same with my skincare routine. As my skin is oily at the best of times, adding extra hydration can be tricky tricky business. These are the skincare products that I have been currently using to help me get through the next 3 months ahead.