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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Life Lately #1

I feel like a record on repeat by constantly saying this, but how quick is the year going guys? No matter how many times I've said it (and it has been many), I still can't seem to grasp how fast time is going as of late. Wasn't it just Christmas like ahhhh a couple of days a go? Now it's almost my 21st birthday in two weeks (but how old I'm getting and the despair the ensues is a post for another day)!

Despite the issues I'm having with time, I've decided to introduce a new type of post on my blog, just a little something something that is a bit more personal and a little bit of a recap of my life lately. Not quite sure how often I'll be posting this (guess that depends on how busy my days are) but I just wanted to offer a different glimpse of my (non-beauty obsessed) life.  These posts will be fairly photo heavy, so if you're not a fan of the good old photograph run along darling.

Last Saturday was the farewell party for one of my longest friends. The lucky gal is going on exchange to Spain for a whole year! Her farewell was held at Cargo Bar in Darling Harbor in Sydney and just dinner, a few drinks and bit of dancing to celebrate our last days with her. We also spent the night at the Meritton in Circular Quay.

We can pull some pretty lovely faces, this was the normal of the bunch. And yes, my regrowth is getting prettyyyyyy bad. I'm kinda stuck in a hair funk and have no idea what to do with it so I'm just growing it out. Any suggestions are very welcome!

I also went to the Aquarium! Yes, the aquarium! Some  work buddies and I decided it would be a good idea considering we haven't been since we were young. If you live in Sydney and haven't done it or gone in a while, I suggest you go! It was plenty of fun letting out my inner child and oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over all the sea creatures.

 Typical shark teeth photo and Sarah being uber amazed by the shark tank.

My favourite sea animal is probably the dugong,  which I guess is the Australian version of the Manatee. To me it is comparable to sea cow, though its more closely related to an elephant and it's constantly eating. I am love with it's fatness (if that is even a word), I mean just look at it! Tell me it isn't adorable.

Sydney weather has been quite lovely as of late so we decided to go down to Kiama Beach for the dau, which is south of Sydney. We spent the day rock climbing (me, reluctantly) around Kiama blow hole and attempting to get a tan on the beach, I have mentioned how white I am right? Beside that, isn't the view lovely?

What you have you been up to lately? Do you like these personal type posts? Let me know!

Chantalle X