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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation | Review

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of Bourjois foundation. Their Healthy Mix foundation was one of my first foundations (that I still well and truly love) and has an ongoing mention on my blog. So it goes without a doubt that I was itching to get my hands on their newest member to the (foundation) family, Happy Light. The packaging claims that this foundation has the ability to give 'luminous and flawless complexion in any light.' Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? I know I'm not alone when it comes to worrying about how my make-up looks in different lighting, and if this foundation could put my worries to rest, well beauties I'm pretty much sold.

The packaging also claims that the foundation corrects without masking, contains translucent pigments and has 8hrs worth of hydration. Now, I have oily skin so a hydrating and an illuminating foundation isn't typically what I go for, I'm a matte girl through and through. But I thought to myself why not give it a try anyway?

I bought it in the shade No 52 Beige Clair as I am usually a No 52 in other Bourjois foundations however I think this is slightly darker in comparison to Healthy Mix. As usual, I love the plastic glass type of bottle that foundation comes in. It's sturdy, clean, and easy to use and travel with. The foundation itself has a faint smell that reminds me of sunscreen. The texture when applied to skin is a satin finish, just a bit dewy but not so much so that it looks oily on application. The coverage is light to medium, depending on how much you apply. I used about 2 to 3 pumps and that was more than enough to cover some of my acne scars using a buffing brush. Some redness and scaring was still visible but it still looked quite natural so I was fine with it.

I love the feel of this foundation, it's light and doesn't feel like you have any foundation on at all. However, I feel that it doesn't have great lasting power. Despite using setting powder, I found that I had to touch up my make-up after about 4 hours of wear. It also starts to look quite oily and separated across my nose and most of my t-zone.  So, for any other oily skin gals out there, this isn't great for days with long hours ahead. In comparison to Healthy Mix, this has more of a tinted moisturiser feel and Healthy Mix defiantly has more coverage. All in all, this is a great foundation if you want light coverage and probably best suited for days when you won't be out for too long. Once again, Bourjois has another hit with foundation.

What do you think of Happy Light?

Chantalle X


  1. I need to try another foundation, but I can't use that one because it doesn't come in my shade :( But it looks really nice! x

  2. I need to review this foundation but I honestly don't like it at all! Same reason you stated, it doesn't last very long and it looks separated on the face. Gross! D:

  3. I think I have a love hate relationship with it aha x