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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 ...

I want to start off by saying Merry Christmas and I hope that you all had a day full of love and joy! I've been so busy over the past week or so that I couldn't find the chance to pop in and say hey!
But I still can't believe that 2013 is almost drawing to close, so many things have happened this year, I started this blog, went overseas, got a new job, and scored my first internship just to name a few.

Every year I do this and I know it is quite cliche (but I do it anyway because I am a sucker for cliches) but I have decided to post my New Year's resolutions for 2014! I do tend to follow them for most of the year, I don't achieve every that I want to but I try my best! Feel free to check them out after the break and comment some of your own if you're willing, but otherwise Happy New Year my loves and I wish you all the happiness in the world! See you all next year!

XO Chantalle

Resolutions for 2014

  • Commit to my blog - find the time for regular and quality posting. 
  • Do things that make me happy, not what makes others happy - Don’t let others dictate my decisions or feelings, if I want to do something, I will do it for me.
  • Stand up for myself
  • On top of that, learn to be- 2014 is the year that I have the time to learn about myself. I want to travel the world as well as my home, learn what I like and don't like and most of all learn to love what I have
  • Focus on what is really important in life and not on petty meaningless things- let go of past feuds, misgivings and hate. Get rid off people in life who really don’t want to be there. 
  • Find that dream job or profession - even if that means going back to university. Also, quit that stupid hateful job I already have 
  • Learn to drive - almost 21 and still can't drive (lolz)
  • Stick to a healthy lifestyle - Nothing extreme or over the top just something healthy that will keep me living a long and happy life

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  1. These are some great resolutions Chantalle :) I hope you are able to stick to them and that you have a Happy New Year

  2. I have to learn to drive as well. I can't see to drive since I don't have glasses right now but I sure hope I will soon! Happy New year! x

    1. Thank God I'm not the only one!!! You too! xo

    2. Another one to the club! I'm 22 and can't drive. Technically I can, but not well. I haven't gotten my driver's license and I'm so terrified of driving. I was in a few accidents when I was younger and it has made me NOT want to drive. But I have to get over those fears and finally get my permit. Good luck to you both :D