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Monday, January 21, 2013


Welcome to cece & grace, I'm pretty bad at the whole introduction thing, but anywho my name is Chantalle and this is my second attempt at blogging.

I had previously been running a personal blog/whatever tickles my fancy shindig over at Tumblr for a few years now under the name chntlove. However, at some point in time I guess you could say a hit a quarter life crisis, lost my muse and had no idea what I was doing anymore and therefore stopped blogging completely. Now, I have finally decided to re-emerge and take a crack at blogging in a more 'professional' environment. Please be ever so kind to me, I can't say I'm new to this thing per say by golly gosh Blogspot has been a scary/forbidden place for me to enter, but here I am ladies and gents, round of applause please. 

So what will my blog be about anyway? Well basically a bit everything, pretty much like me who likes a bit everything. There will be some personal stuff (but nothing gory or sappy I promise), some beauty or fashion related posts (but mostly beauty because who am I kidding I ain't fashionable), some ranty/complaining posts about life, society and whatever else (because apparently I am whiny, judgmental person who can't keep my opinions to myself), some reviews, and whatever else. I hope that you will embark on this journey with me as I try to navigate the blogger hemisphere!

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