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Monday, August 14, 2017

Two Everyday Essentials with Emma & Roe

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a statement jewelry fan. It wouldn't be uncommon to see me rocking a brightly coloured beaded necklace, various chunky multi-coloured rings or a pair of cute studs. So obsessed I was, I tried to collect a unique piece of costume jewelry in every country that I would visit in my late teens and early 20's - my favourite being a string of emerald and garnet coloured glass beads from Rome. But like everything else that evolves and changes as you grow older, so did too my affinity for out there, look-at-me jewelry.

These days, I rock a statement eye or lip over eye-catching jewellery, and I barely remember to put on earrings most days and prefer much more simplistic, versatile and basic pieces. So it comes at no surprise that these two new sterling silver bits that I received from Emma & Roe* recently have fast become a welcome addition to to my everyday accessory line-up - and if you are anything like me, you will adore these pieces too.

The two pieces in question that have become everyday essentials is a gorgeous sterling silver Cubic Zirconia Twist Stacker Ring* and a simple Push Clasp Sterling Silver Bangle*. Both are quite timeless, and can be worn with basically everything in my closet (which is mostly monochrome anyway!)

While I might no longer be all about brightly coloured beads and diamontes, I am still a sucker for a tiny bit of sparkle. This cubic zirconia ring fits the bill for me quite nicely. Featuring 2 tendrils of metal twisting together, the ring design is finished with a small row of cubic zirconia, which keeps it chic and minimal but still elegant and dainty. I have been wearing this at work or on weekends alongside a few other sterling silver rings in my collection or mostly just on it's own - it is that pretty! This ring is perfect if you are not a huge fan of big pieces of diamonds or crystals but still want something a little bit more than just plain silver. 

The sterling silver bangle on the other hand can't get any more simple and classic. Add it to a stack of bracelets or let it sit on it's own, it is a statement enough piece to add just that extra something to your look. 

The bangle features a push clasp, which I did find a tiny bit annoying and a little bit finicky - mainly because I am so uncoordinated at the best of times! So while I much prefer bangles that slide right over your wrist, I did get use to this one eventually! I love pairing this with my sterling silver watch or on it's own for when I feel like my outfit is missing just that extra touch. This bangle is also a close fit for me, meaning it doesn't slip up and down my wrist and get in the way like some bangles tend to do. Instead it is shaped to sit nicely in place just below my wrists like you can see in both photos, which I quite like! It is fairly thin as well so it still has the really minimal classic feel to it. 

If you have never heard of Emma & Roe before, you may recognise the name of the jewellery house that it is a part of, Michael Hill Jewellers which have been crafting affordable jewellery designs for over the past 30 years. Emma & Roe brings a more fresh, contemporary feel to the brand, with unique handcrafted Italian glass charms and bracelets being one of their core collections. 

Emma & Roe also have a large collection of sterling silver and gold bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, as well as some leather wrap pieces for affordable prices that don't compromise on quality or style. 

I would highly recommend taking a peek at their collections if you like really minimal pieces, but also if you like something with a bit more extra bling, colour and sparkle - there is something to fit every style and personality!

Do you own any Emma & Roe pieces? What are some of your favourite jewellery pieces that you own? Let me know below!



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*This product was provided for consideration of a review. This post is NOT sponsored, and it does not impact my thoughts or opinions. For more information please read my disclaimer policy here.

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