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Everything that you see here on cece & grace is 100% authentic content either taken, made or written by me unless expressed otherwise. I like to think I can take some pretty neat pictures (sometimes) and have some sort writing prowess (we can agree to disagree later) so please don't take any my shizz without my permission and we can continue on being pals. If you would like to flatter me by using some of my work please contact me at

In saying that, all opinions, ideas and ramblings are all 100% my own and completely honest. I hate reading blogs that don't give their honest opinion of a product and instead sound like they are reading off the back of the packaging (which any one can do), so reader beware nothing will hinder me from telling y'all what I truly feel.

I am also NOT a health care professional, or a skincare expert for that matter. I love to talk and write about about skincare, make up and all things beauty but everything is based off my own personal experience and my skin. Everyone's skin works differently, so what might work for me may not necessarily work for you. You can read about my skincare story here.

All items I review have been purchased by me but I do receive product samples from time to time. Any sponsored posts and PR samples will be indicated with an asterisk (*) OR with a written disclaimer above or below the post.

If you have any questions or just want to chat please contact me at any time.

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